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It’s that time of year again. Together with our partners, we explore the trends that are set to evolve in 2024.

In this year's free partner predictions report, thought leaders and decision-makers across the financial services and fintech spaces illuminate the trends that will shape the financial landscape in the year ahead and beyond. They take a closer look at the changes the industry can expect to see and give actionable insight into how businesses should respond to avoid getting left behind in a wave of innovation.

With insights from 30 experts across big tech and financial services, including Amazon Web Services, Deloitte, Backbase, Capgemini, and more, we take a comprehensive look at the financial landscape and examine the ways banks, businesses, and other financial players can respond to these shifts.

From Generative AI making its mark in banking to the changing landscapes for mortgages and lending, these are the trends we should be looking out for in 2024.

Generative AI, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), is disrupting every industry, and financial services is no exception.

Digital banks, fintechs, and established financial institutions alike are using generative AI to synthesise financial documents, provide personalised financial recommendations and much more—all faster than ever before.

 Predictions report - genAI and banking

Consumer demands for convenience and widespread merchant adoption have fostered the rise of embedded finance.

It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s finance for the digital age. One of its many forms includes the finance world’s increasingly notorious buzz term—Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL).

 Partner predictions report - embedded finance

In an evolving landscape, financial services firms must anticipate regulatory changes and recognise the implications for their business.

Top of mind for leaders today is how to stay abreast of compliance matters, customer and partner due diligence, and various laws and regulations that come with operating on a global scale.

Partner predictions report - regulation

Global demand for mortgages is faltering due to a number of factors, including rising interest rates and inflationary pressures.

Retail banks must consider adding technologies to the lending process, which are personalised to customer needs and deliver lifetime value. The end game is empowering homeowners and borrowers through technology for a more intuitive mortgage experience.

As the lines between finance and tech continue to blur, Big Tech companies are making their presence known within banking.

Heightened customer expectations have beckoned Big Tech to dip their toes into the formerly distinct financial industry, and players like Google and Apple are making big moves.

From consumer to business payments to cross-border transactions, cash is no longer king.

Brought about by the rise of smartphones, e-commerce and technology, the convenience of completing everyday banking transactions via mobile phone or even wearable devices is here to stay.

 Partner predictions report - payments

The world of banking is undergoing significant change, and with it, a sense of urgency is emerging as financial institutions require new operating models and technology to keep pace.

As customer behaviour leans towards digital-first banking, those embracing technology that allows for innovation will sprint ahead.

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