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Businesses face constant change. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical instability have led to supply constraints, fiscal stimulus, and high inflation rates.

Traditionally, businesses have responded to disruption by prioritising short and medium-term earnings and expecting eventual stability but this approach may no longer be effective in the face of ongoing uncertainty.

The results of our benchmarking show that with a SaaS banking platform, banks and other financial institutions are able to to pivot quickly and embrace innovation at pace. Download the report to learn more.

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Benchmarking report

  • Differentiation in market

    Mambu customers are able to build a differentiated experience and offering by selecting best of breed components across the tech stack. The final result means Mambu customers can offer their customers a richer, more personalised experience.

  • Speed in market

    Products are built in Mambu through a range of configurable fields, rather than lines of code. This means there is no reliance on a stretched DevOps team when it comes to updating products and launching new ones; it can therefore be done in a fraction of the time.

Mambu customers share a common trait: they thrive in dynamic environments and outperform competitors. Based on your sector, location, and size, the Mambu value calculator will provide customised insights, market intelligence and forecast growth opportunities for your business.

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