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Ualá reinvents digital inclusion across LATAM

Ualá is an Argentine fintech company that launched in 2017 providing prepaid Mastercard accounts to users conducting financial transactions both domestically and abroad.

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Customer base

5+ million



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

A 100% digital offering, Ualá quickly became successful after it saw an opportunity in an imbalance at the time: in Argentina, mobile phone penetration stood at 92%, while banking penetration lagged at 50%. In 2019, after determining there was value to be found in addressing a lack of access to credit despite ample smartphone availability, Ualá expanded by adding consumer loans to its product offering.

The strategy worked—big time.

Today, Ualá’s more than four million issued cards provide opportunities for customers to manage their finances as well as develop and build credit histories without needing historically tough-to-access accounts from traditional banks.

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The challenge

Every year millions of Gen Z adults enter the workforce. They all expect fast and frictionless user experiences when managing their money from their smartphones. Ualá wanted to diversify its offering with new digital loans but wanted the right technology to expand and scale. As a data-driven fintech, it knew what its customers wanted today. What products and services would they want tomorrow?

So that challenge didn’t lie in the business model, but rather, the challenge was how to expand and scale quickly in different geographies and nimbly when needed.

To fuel long-term growth and retain scalability, Ualá needed a resilient cloud-banking platform that would best prepare it to anticipate the unanticipated, be ready to pivot and react to rapidly changing market conditions, and keep customers happy and engaged.

The solution

Ualá selected Mambu to strengthen its commercial strategy and boost the availability of its new online loan products by migrating to a digital banking platform.

Company executives chose Mambu because the SaaS banking platform embraced simplicity and allowed its customers to sidestep concerns related to platform updates or maintenance; instead, it could focus on creativity, innovation, and creating value-added services.

The results

The new loan offering allows Ualá’s users to fill out applications and request financing simply and 100% digitally. Each step of the process is transparent, and the credit decision process takes only 24 hours. Customers, who can now tap loans at any moment using their mobile devices without the need for additional procedures, have been delighted.